Because Himself is Happy with the Ladies of Outlander

Sam Heughan has remarked that the outpouring of support from our congregation is a blessing!  He gets all tingly about it.


Here are 2 great jib jab cards shared by Church of Heughanology member @HolaasSandy .


Because Himself is Happy

Use as a wellness approach, It is recommended as a prn morning pick me up.

The performance features Himself and a few friends.

(And Sam tried to tell us he can’t  sing.)

Ladies of Outlander

For those of you who prefer a lovely female voice. this sexy tune will wake you up anytime!   Get down, Mrs. Fitz!

I hope you enjoy.  Remember laughter is the best medicine.

And if my damn butler doesn’t get my car here soon, I will be late for my meeting with Mr. DeMille!


I am all about that bass!

Norma D

9 thoughts on “Because Himself is Happy with the Ladies of Outlander

  1. Dear OLI, thanks so much for your kind words. As COHP, I m always looking for new ways to attract members. Please be sure to follow here so you will get notices of new things. Now I have to prepare a turkey for Mr. DeMille. Maybe I’ll get a close up sooner! Fondly, Norma D


    1. It is my goal to speak for the faithful at the Church of Heughanology. I endeavor to discern the ebb and flow of the flock. Hence my posting about the need for greater exposure. Thank you for your kind remarks. I’m off to get my car washed. Mr. DeMille has borrowed it for a close up. Devastatingly yours, Norma D


  2. Dear Lass, I am pleased you enjoyed this post. Variety is what makes life worthwhile and I embrace the creativity of our members. I am a creative artiste myself. Must go now, dear. Waxing to do for my close up or I’ll look like Rupert! Fondly, Norma D


    1. Laughter is the best medicine, after Xanax. I was particularly happy that one of the congregation brought forth her creativity. We have a lot of fan fiction now too. Church is 9 days old! I looked around and all was good. Got to get a physic. Need to lose 5# for my closeup! Fondly, Norma D.


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