Gallery of Glamour

Sam H. and the Church of Heughanology  have formed a production company and are remaking several past hit TV shows and movies , just like the unimaginative Hollywood people are doing.  The partnership is called Not So Glamourous Image Productions.    As soon as we have distributors, we will announce release dates.  All photos are the talented work of @HolaasSandy.


The first film in production is that old classic, “Cleopatra and her Asp”. Sam stars as Marcus Antonius an emperor wannabe who latches on to a famous queen to improve his image (sounds strangely familiar) I was thrilled to play the part of a queen who fell on her asp and Sam’s love interest.


If she thinks I’m going to kiss her on her fainting couch…I’m outta here!


The next production is based on that fabulous romantic comedy, “The Runaway Groom”.  Sam took the lead in this one!   I play his love interest.


I would really like to run away, but she has me shackled to this heavy church door. She doesn’t look too bad with the veil over her face.

We have completed filming the passionate “Honeymoon with Mom”  a romantic drama that leaves little to the imagination.  We are having trouble finding  a distributor for this X-rated drama. Maybe Starz will do it.  They are in for reality (Poor Segovax) Sam plays Dick Richards, a confused man who takes his Mother on a pretend honeymoon, so he can be ready when the time comes.   I play Sam’s love interest.



OMFG What is that???

Filming has been completed on the musical “She’s the One That I Don’t Want” AKA “Greasy”   Sam plays a boy from the wrong side of the tracks who falls for the schools only virgin.  The fun and music is all about getting into her pants.  I play Sam’s love interest.


That cat suit helps, but its no fun dragging Sandy around the dance floor.


We are working with Starz to bring back an old TV favorite, “Sonny and Cher’s Musical Comedy Hour”.  Sam fell in love with singing, now, and can’t  wait to do it every week.  Sam plays the comedic mediocre singer and I play his non smiling love interest (but I’m the better singer.)


If she keeps licking those lips, I am going to rip them off her face!!!


Sams love of Sci-Fi has set us on a new film genre path.  We are remaking the Force of Star Wars Trilogy.  Sam plays a simple farm boy who discovers he has hidden talents.   He meets a Princess and helps her to save the galaxy from Death Radar, his missing father.  I play Sam’s love interest.



Every time I look at her, I want to rip those things off her head. They look like donuts and I am starved.



A Made for TV movie reprising Sam’s Batman role is in the works.  Based on the old TV show, “Batman and that Strangely Feminine Side Kick Boy”.   Sam plays Bruce Whine who sees his parents killed and vows revenge as Batman.  He stumbles on to a strangely feminine boy sidekick who he later discovers is Wonder Woman (Holy Big Bewbs, Batman)!   I play the love interest.


That “boy” has bewbs, I know it and the mask doesn’t cover it.

Projects will be added to this gallery as they are developed.  It is so much fun working with Sam and having a role in this intimate partnership.





8 thoughts on “Gallery of Glamour

    1. I am happy to hear of your weight loss. This is often a side effect of the laughter syndrome associated with CoH. Believers will find countless benefits that were never expected. I am off to my hairstylist for new wigs. Fondly, Norma D


    1. You may purchase your briefs and tissues in bulk from Costco or Sams Club, to decrease your expenses. Since the CoH proudly bases its growth on Free membership, I am unable to reimburse you. I barely have enough to pay for my considerable upkeep expense! On my way to see my dialogue coach for the new projects I am working on. Fondly, Norma D


  1. As Chief and Only High Priestess of the CoH, I am grateful for the happiness we bring followers. Study all of the information here.
    I am off to get my teeth whitened for my close up with Mr. DeMille. Fondly, Norma D


    1. Thank you for your kind evaluation. I am anxious for the projects to get to a theater or on the TV soon. I have to pluck my eyebrows now. Must always be prepared for my close up. Fondly, Norma D


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