Unrealistic Expectations

A growing concern has arisen about unrealistic expectations some followers may have with the real or potential relationships in their life.  Norma D is concerned that this may result in missed opportunities between happy couples or rejection of perfectly good partner candidates.   I have listened to both the married and single male and female followers of the CoH, and am concerned about their relationships with non-Sam normal looking men and women.

People, there is only one Sam Heughan.  I think he has a brother floating around somewhere, but he is not a twin.  Most potential mates do not have the exceptionally pleasing visage of our Sam, so they cannot measure up.


Notice the adoring look given to him by the lady on his right. She is totally ruined for a real relationship!

However, there are many other perfectly good looking men out there if you just look.   I was trolling the internet and here are a few I found:


I’ve got some hat tricks you might like!


I’ll give you the shirt off my back.

Butler, Gerard

I’m looking at you, babe.


If you want to snuggle, I’ll move over a bit!


What do you mean. Norma? You like Bill better?

All acceptable options for real life relationships.   True, it is not quite the same as our Sam, but I wouldn’t kick them out of bed for eating crackers.

Another problem is confusing Sam with the roles he plays.  Sam is Jamie in some people’s eyes (Graham McTavish, 2014), but it is still a character he plays.   Jamie is a  character created by the greatest romance, sci-fi, historical, fiction writer of our day, Herself, Diana Gabaldon.   Now every actor puts a lot of himself/herself in their roles, but no one is really Jamie, King of Men.   Jamie is your book boyfriend. Even Sam realizes that he can only go so far.    If you are having trouble with that reality thing, the Church of Heughanology is here to help with some examples of real vs. not so real:














 There is a difference.


Spice of Life Not So Spicy?

I have a suggestion for those who have been in long term relationships and nothing but Sam will do.   Paste a bunch of Sam’s pictures on the ceiling or put the wedding night key scenes on a loop on the DVR.   Then in those intimate moments when your mind is wandering, you can look over a shoulder or up at the ceiling for inspiration.  Just don’t call them Sam unless that is their real name.   Yes!  Yes!  Yes!    May I have a cigarette?

Now people, reality is what we are about.  We expect others to love us just the way we are,  as Bill Holden loves me.


Can you tell?

We must offer the same option for potential life partners.  Love them they way they are, because lets face it

What we are looking for:


What’s looking for us:


However, over the holidays, beware of Geeks bearing gifts.


10 thoughts on “Unrealistic Expectations

  1. Obviously I am sooo late to this party. Getting mixed up with reality & fiction is a mental disease commonly known as “insanity”. I blame Ron D Moore’s production & creative staff for hiring Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe to play the characters sprung from Diana Gabaldon’s mind. What can I say, both actors embody Jamie’s & Claire’s personality & ethos as written by DG (oh shut up about the leopard eyes).
    But I take your sage advice not to confuse what is real : Sam & Cait & what is not real: Sam & Cait….ooops Jamie & Claire– not real.


    1. I am thrilled to have reached you before you went over the edge! I agree, Starz has blurred the lines. Gotta get my new eyelashes applied for my close up. Fondly, Norma D.


  2. I meant to finish my thoughts by saying that Diana G did indeed create “The King of Men”, who could possibly live up to Jamie Fraser?
    When I first read the books, I thought “I’m in love with Jamie, but I’m in lust with Sam.” Even our beautiful Sam has nothing on Jamie Fraser, but he still deserves his privacy and our respect for having the talent to bring fantasy to life.
    *Quick note: Make sure to have a fresh set of batteries on hand for each airing of an Outlander episode.


    1. I agree. I am on Twitter with Outlander fans having fun and camaraderie. This blog is about the craziness of fandom and all is tongue in cheek. You will find nothing mean about Sam or any Outlander stars’ personal life. Nor do I do this for Sam’s recognition! Some people do these things to get noticed. It is all fun to me. Read some of the other posts and articles. It will explain everything. P.S. I have been on Twitter 2.5 months. This is my first blog and it is one month old! Thanks for your wise words. Norma D.


    1. I embrace all who visit the CoH. Please read more to understand all that is the Sam Heughan experience. Study Study Study! I am off to have a placenta facial. “Getting ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille” Fondly, Norma D


    1. There is much to learn. Visit bylaws and language and you will feel like a normal person who likes Sam. Trust me. As Chief and Only High Priestess, I embrace new members. I must go for a mani-pedi so I can be ready for my close up. Fondly, Norma D.


  3. Unrealistic views of the part that Sam can play in fan’s personal life is what can lead to stalking. Fans, we are admirers from a distance. Keep your head in the real world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your concern. In my own way, that is my message. Humor is my route. The Church of Heughanology is here to embrace true followers who accept Sam as an actor and a good looking man. He is the best. I must run now, need new tires for that new car the church gave me! I won’t get a close up if I can’t get there. Fondly, Norma D


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