Handmaiden Tales – A Place for Fan Art

By- Law # 8.  All forms of expression are acceptable: Fan Art, Memes, Poetry, Music, Dance, Baking, Crochet and Knitting, Felt Art, Legos, Talking Dogs, Cats & Horses, Blogs, Photography, Selfies, Scrapbooking, Ceramics, Animal Fashion Shows, and Fan Fiction.  Creativity, no matter how strange, is valued by all Heughanologists.

All Fan Art must be presented  to the COHP at highpriestessofsam@gmail.com or @szoomski on Twitter for approval.   COHP is the arbiter of all that is acceptable on the Church website.

Credit: @beulahcrusoe / Twitter

Credit: @beulahcrusoe / Twitter

Credit: @beulahcursoe / Twitter

Credit: @beulahcursoe / Twitter


@beulahcrusoe / Twitter

Just a few of the more recent compositions discovered by church minions.


@TribeTobias / Twitter




Fan Fiction Links

Here is a listing of fan fictions that has been gathered from the interwebs for loyal Heughanologists edification, study, and enjoyment. Ratings are self explanatory. Please submit all fan fiction to the COHP for review to highpriestessofsam@gmail.com.

Occasionally, COHP or her Primary Handmaiden will identify exceptional analysis, examination, investigation, inspection, scrutiny, or sparsing of every minute detail that is the marvel of Himself, and that work may be included here. Every effort will be made to ensure credit is given and a link back to the original work is provided. No bitching, please.


The Wedding Night – Jamie’s Perspective – Mature

The Future – Mature

Dreams – Teen

Duty – Teen

Mo Nighean àlainn – Teen

Time has No Boundaries – Teen

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Teen

Something Unexpected – Teen

Well Indeed – Teen

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