How Do You Do What You Do Do?

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I have been making at least one meme per day related to Sam Heughan or Outlander since December 19.  Some of the people like them and some don’t.  I don’t really care, since I’m having fun, but thank you for all the lovely comments about my efforts.  I’ve found that truth in jest or just plain jest is appreciated by more people than I thought. Keeping in mind that I am the Chief and Only High Priestess of CoH, my primary source of inspiration is Sam.  Here are a few examples:

Holiday Cheer:

Waiting for Outlander (this was while we waited for Season 2 to start).

Living with Outlander is my current focus and here are a few Sam Inspired Goodies!

However, I have been inspired by other pictures to address some of these projects:

So, many of the CoH followers wonder how Norma D comes up with her ideas.  Being the Giver Goddess that I am, I am going to give you step by step instructions, so everyone can have fun with Memes!

1.  Sometimes, it makes things easier if you select a theme.  It can be birthdays, holidays, Outlander, Sam Heughan, rants, etc.  I have used all of these for inspiration.

pizap.com145892701741212. Next you need to be watching for interesting pictures.  When you see one. put it in your photos to be used later.  I have about 1800 pictures on my iPad and 6000+ on One Drive. I find that pictures speak to me or call my name!  Don’t worry about figuring out how you’ll use it, just grab the picture. pizap.com14622387642131 3. When you are ready to make a meme, scan through your pictures.  Keep in mind what your purpose is, to narrow your search.  For instance, if I were looking for a birthday meme, I might not pick this one. (Although, depending on the receiver, it could work…..)pizap.com14622391629801

4.  Then just look at the picture and imagine what might be said.  I just did it on the prior picture as I was searching for an inappropriate birthday meme.  Try to say what people are thinking and are too afraid to say.  See, it’s simple.

Would you like to see how I develop a few?  Of course you do! So here’s an interesting picture I found on the Internet.  I will list all of the ideas I get within 5 minutes.



  • Oh, I’ve got the chills. It’s my Aunt Gertrude calling.  I thought she died.
  • Hello, Police?  There’s a man in my bedroom and I don’t know what to do with him.
  • Can I be connected to the party for whom I am calling?  
  • You have the wrong number.  Do I sound like the IRS?  You owe money?  OK send the check to this address.
  • Thank goodness I have this land line.  Can you imagine me carrying a phone around in my pocket?

Here’s another one , I’ll try:


  • Since , I’m not dressed for Frank,  I guess I’ll stay with Jamie.  I’m too tired to change my clothes.
  • 10 years older than me or 5 years younger?  I’m peaking sexually, so Jamie, it is.
  • Did  you see the thighs on that man?  Jamie’s my guy!
  • As soon as I leave, Jamie will marry Leghair and I can’t have that!
  • When Jamie kisses me, my who who tingles!  He’s the one!

See how this works?   It’s easy once you stop worrying about making sense!  The sillier the better.  

Here’s a picture you can listen to.  Let your thoughts flow (alcohol or pot is helpful.   I only use pot for therapeutic purposes).  Submit your ideas in the comments.  Then I’ll pick one and use it to make a new “Living with Outlander” meme from what this picture says to you.

I can’t wait!  I know we have a lot of witty followers of CoH!

Here is the result of the pithy captions submitted by some brave CoH followers!  It certainly made my meme making easier for that day!  pizap.com14624069192781