Interview with Outlandish Memes

We have now lived through a second SamFanFollow and are in the midst of a third.  CoH thought it would get a different perspective from the 1st SamFanFollow picked by the First SamFanFollow who was picked by Sam!   As Chief and Only High Priestess of the Church of Heughanology, I was sent Down Under to Interview Roxy, aka @Outlandish Memes.  The very long flight was made more bearable by first class accommodations, excellent champagne, and charming co-passengers.



Tymee Kangaroo Down, CEO of Really Truly Outback Beer


Karl the Kinky Koala Bear


Crocodile Dundee met me at the airport and was my guide to Roxy’s palatial estate in the Outback.  I was warmly welcomed and we sat on her verandah where we munched traditional Australian food and an impressive selection of Fosters!




Norma D:    So, Roxy, when you found out that you had won the SamFanFollow, what was your strategy for communicating with Sam?                          

Roxy:    I had devised a three pronged battle communication strategy in advance based on

                                                “The Rules”  

  • Wait until he DMs me.

  • Let him wait for at least two hours for a reply.

  • Play hard to get. Be classy.

  • Men love the unattainable.

    I vant to be alone.  But I vant you to be vith me alone, Sam.  No, I just vant to be alone and  unattainable.
    I vant to be alone. But I vant you to be vith me alone, Sam. No, I just vant to be alone and unattainable.



 Norma D.    Sam seemed a little shy about doing his duty by you for SamFanFollow.   Did you make memes ahead of time to send him?




Roxy:          As you know, I had quite a wait for Sam to give up Barb and to REMEMBER to follow me so I filled in time planning my “memes rewind” campaign.  Luckily I have a treasure trove of memes he’s never seen. Retweeting old memes allowed me to concentrate on my Direct Messaging Strategy. 

Norma D:   Sounds a bit like a war strategy!  All’s fair in love and war, they say. So, was your interaction with him, everything you expected?


Roxy:          Not at all. I expected an impersonal “hello” public tweet and an occasional favorite of a generic, family friendly meme. I had the complete opposite experience. Great DMs and almost radio silence on public Twitter (I did get a “wow” and a wink I recall).






Norma D:   What was the funniest tweet or DM you shared that you can share with others. 

 Roxy:          Between conversations there was a quiet time when Sam was out ceilidhing (partying) and I commented that I felt like I was tweeting God or Elvis. That got a chuckle. The whole selfie thing was also a highlight. It obviously wasn’t a naked selfie, guys. Who would do that, seriously?


Norma D:    I would! (Did I say that out loud?)  So, Roxy, what was the best and the worst part of being SamFanFollow? 


Roxy:           The best part were the DMs and getting to finally meet Sam via Twitter. (Living in Australia means my chances of meeting any of the cast are slim to none.)  The fact that he asked for and used one of my portraits as his Avi is something I’m never going to get over.  I also enjoyed meeting new followers.  The worst part were the time zones, which meant Sam often DMd me at 3 A.M., so forming a coherent response was a challenge.  I was also dismayed to find out that deleted messages still go through. That was a low point, hahaha! Damn you Twitter!


Norma D:     So tell me, was there one thing you always wanted to know? Did you ask the question?  Was it answered?

 Roxy:            I   didn’t ask too many questions other than did he want to stay in my spare bedroom if he comes to Australia one day. That one he didn’t answer, so I’m going to take that as a firm yes.



I said I’d stay in her spare bedroom next time i’m in Australia? Why in the hell would I do that?


Norma D:   What was your family’s reaction to all of the hoopla? 

 Roxy:    My girls were like ‘yay Mum!’   Husband less impressed, probably worried it would interfere with my dishwasher emptying duties.



Norma D:   All good things must come to an end.   How did you come up with your contest for the next SamFanFollow? 

 Roxy:         I wanted something random so everyone had a chance so I figured the “guess how many” game would work well. It was definitely fun to do.  I was surprised people still  complained that it was too involved !  Can’t make it much simpler. Looking forward to seeing what Robyn does. I can enter again, right?

Norma D:    I don’t make the rules.  Anything you’d have done differently? 

Roxy:           I never would have gotten married if I’d known Sam was going to come calling. I also would have made sure I knew how to use DMs properly. I probably should have sent the kids to Mum’s for the week, too.

 Norma D:    (Sam, I know she blamed the kids for sending the strange DM, but it was really her!)  Uh, Do you have any advice for future SamFanFollows? 

 Roxy:       Just be yourself and don’t hit him up for too many favors or demands.   He’s VERY busy.  Also, don’t be sending naked selfies to the poor guy.


OMG I can't believe what I am seeing!

Sam:  OMG I can’t believe what I am seeing! Some things you can’t unsee.


Norma D.    Thanks do much for your time and candid responses.   One last query, are you and Barb starting a SamFanFollow Has-Beens Club?

 Roxy:            Definitely. A support group which will meet monthly to drink whisky and  reminisce.


#SamFanFollow Has-Beens Club Established January,  2015

#SamFanFollow Has-Beens Club


Norma D.     Signing off for now CoH followers!   I’m flying back with a new escort.

Oh Liam, Let me teach you about the Casting Couch.

Oh Liam, let me teach you about the Casting Couch.


Since SamFanFollow will be continuing to infinity and beyond, the CoH will not be authorizing future interviews, unless it receives overwhelming requests and donations to do so. 



Fifty Shades of Jamie

Fifty Shades of Jamie   


(Major Spoiler Alert)

We finally get a sneak peak of the opening to the second part of Season 1, and learn that it will be from Jamie’s POV (point of view).   There were several key scenes that I am anticipating.  Ok.  Let’s talk about the Spanking

The Spanking

On Valentine’s Day, 50 Shades of Grey opens in theaters.   I thought showing the spanking scene so close to the premiere of 50 Shades, would be tricky.  Liberated women the world over cringe at the thought of a man beating his wife because she disobeyed him.  Jamie is being hung in effigy at every Bed, Bath & Beyond in the country .

thL89W9ZR6     5189599041_c633d6c17c_z

They’re appalled, incensed, insulted – all the while rushing to the bookstore to get the 50 Shades Trilogy.    Now, I’m not here to write a critical evaluation of the 50 Shades books (I‘m leaving that for another post).   However, Ladies are we not speaking out of both sides of our collective mouth ?


The sexual titillation of 50 Shades of Grey’s poorly conceived Dom/Sub culture cannot be compared to a  young husband becoming a man.   After careful consideration of his options, in a time where spanking was a relatively benign punishment option for women and children, Jamie is compelled to show Claire the error of her ways.   Punishments were much worse in those days (think about the flogging scene in episode 6 or the boy with his ear nailed to the post).

Jamie (Fraser not Dornan) is a moral, considerate, educated man ahead of his time.  But he is a man of his time. Diana Gabaldon has talked about what the spanking means in the Frasers’ marriage.  Jamie asserts himself as the head of household.  It does not mean that Claire is not respected, heard and considered by him, but the final decisions must be his.  The spanking is not comparable to the salacious sexual activity demonstrated in the Red Room of Pain.   In the end, Jamie vows never to do that to Claire again (unless she wants him to!)

The Master/Soul Perpetual Fornication Scene

Unlike the Dominant/Submissive culture of sexual game playing, this scene in Outlander is no game.   Gird your loins, ladies, and get ready for Mr. Fraser’s wild ride!  I used my inhaler at least 10 times during this scene in the book.  Let’s examine some of the components affecting the intensity of passion in this scene. 

  • The Frasers have been traveling for 2 days nonstop to escape the British Soldiers following them after Jamie’s rescue of Claire from BJR. Claire is so exhausted, her legs won’t hold her up when she dismounts Thistle.
  • Claire has had the only beating of her life, administered by her own husband!
  • Jamie wants to get his marriage money from Colum so he can buy Claire a ring (how they will handle that given the key ring he gave her on TV is yet to be discovered.) She thinks he only married her to get the money.
  • Claire has seen the look on Leghair’s face when she sees Jamie carrying his new wife. Claire is suspicious that there is more between Jamie and Leghair than he told her. The green eyed monster has been aroused for both women.
  • Claire is still trying to get back to her time, but has ambivalent feelings about Jamie.
  • Jamie is exhausted, but apparently not so exhausted he can’t lay (no pun intended) claim to what is his.

This and other factors spark the longest, hardest screw I have ever imagined.

Strangely a picture of Betty White came to mind.   Betty talks about the strength of women in her own inimitable way (I am paraphrasing, here).   We sometimes say to a weak person, “Grow some balls!” Betty says “Balls are weak and easily hurt. Grow a vagina, it’s tough and can take a real pounding.”


Again this scene is not just about screwing, owning, losing, loving, hating, mistrusting, or feelings that are not firmly established in this marriage.  Jamie gives Claire the chance to stay or go.  When she says she will stay, the scene becomes a study in learning a precious lesson.


(where’s my inhaler).

Return to the Stones

 Despite the title, this scene has nothing to do with the the longest, hardest screw I have ever imagined.  Jamie has to leave Claire at Castle Leoch while he attempts to get a pardon for his criminal charges.  While he is gone, Leghair fools Claire into going to town to help Gellis Duncan. When Claire arrives, she is arrested along with Gellis, for (can you believe) witchcraft.  After a two day trial, legal defense by Ned Gowan and a rescue (AGAIN) by Jamie, the truth finally comes out.

Jamie asks her if she is a witch.  Claire is hysterical after her ordeal, and screams the true story of how she came to be in 18th century Scotland.  Jamie decides she must go back to her time and takes her to the Stones on Craigh na Dun.   Once again, Jamie does the right thing and insists Claire return to her time.  This is coming from a man who truly loves Claire and feels like his heart is being ripped out of his body. This is not the spoiled, rich Christian Grey who controls his business, car, and women no matter the cost .  Jamie’s 50 shades are about morally appropriate, intelligent and compassionate decisions that only the King of Men could make, even though it will destroy his happiness.

 Claire’s dilemma comes to a head.


Who would you pick?    Given the fact that there are 8 more books about the Frasers’ life and love, the decision is patently obvious.


This section of the book and TV series is about Jamie going back to his property and showing his leadership as Laird and his knowledge as a farmer.   Claire learns about Jamie’s relationship to his family and how a woman’s role in the 18th century is life and death important to her family.  The best part of Lallybrook is when Jamie tells Claire about why he really married her.

When I woke in the dark under that tree on the road to Leoch, with you sitting on my chest, cursing me for bleeding to death, I said to myself, ‘Jamie Fraser, for all ye canna see what she looks like, and for all she weighs as much as a good draft horse, this is the woman.’ ” I started toward him, and he backed away, talking rapidly. “I said to myself, ‘She’s mended ye twice in as many hours, me lad; life amongst the MacKenzies being what it is, it might be as well to wed a woman as can stanch a wound and set broken bones.’ And I said to myself, ‘Jamie, lad, if her touch feels so bonny on your collarbone, imagine what it might feel like lower down …’ ” He dodged around a chair. “Of course, I thought it might ha’ just been the effects of spending four months in a monastery, without benefit of female companionship, but then that ride through the dark together”— he paused to sigh theatrically, neatly evading my grab at his sleeve— “with that lovely broad arse wedged between my thighs”— he ducked a blow aimed at his left ear and sidestepped, getting a low table between us— “and that rock- solid head thumping me in the chest”— a small metal ornament bounced off his own head and went clanging to the floor— “I said to myself …” He was laughing so hard at this point that he had to gasp for breath between phrases. “Jamie … I said … for all she’s a Sassenach bitch … with a tongue like an adder’s … with a bum like that … what does it matter if she’s a f- face like a sh- sh- sheep?” I tripped him neatly and landed on his stomach with both knees as he hit the floor with a crash that shook the house. “You mean to tell me that you married me out of love?” I demanded. He raised his eyebrows, struggling to draw in breath. “Have I not … just been … saying so?”

The difference between Jamie and Christian is Jamie’s commitment to his obligations.  Christian is committed to control.  Jamie is committed to the people he is responsible for.  Unlike Christian, Jamie is a man who can express his love to everyone, especially Claire.

 Wentworth and Jamie’s Torture


I can hardly think about the horrible things that are done to Jamie at the hands of BJR in this scene.  Suffice it to say that if Christian Grey had experienced the two floggings in the past and torture at Wentworth, he would have needed permanent admission to a mental health facility and a team of psychiatrists, rather than just one.  There is no pity party for Jamie however.  He promises BJR that he will not resist, if BJR releases Claire.  He keeps his promise at a great expense to his mind and body.

                            The Abbey and Jamie’s Healing

After Jamie is freed from capture, the Frasers have to leave Scotland and travel to France to stay at the Abbey.   Severely injured and stripped of who he always thought he was as a man, Jamie’s suffering is life threatening.  Claire tries a risky but ultimately effective treatment to restore him body and soul.  It is a tribute to their combined strength that Jamie is able to overcome his demons. 

Christian is healed by the love of a woman in 50 Shades, but there is a touch of high school angst about their love (should I love him even though I know he does those awful things in the Red Room of Pain that I secretly like, but his pants hang so sexy on his hips and on and on). 

Jamie and Claire have a mature commitment to each other that will eventually overcome all odds.

Jamie has 50 Shades, and we have only begun to see them.  The second half of Season 1, will reveal more of his secrets.   Having only experienced these scenes through Claire’s eyes and words, I relish hearing Jamie’s version.  After reading this post, all of us should be able to explain the difference between 50 Shades of Grey and 50 Shades of Jamie to the foolish people who think they are the same.


#1SamFanFollow – An Exclusive Interview

About a year ago, the first Sam Fan Follow occurred!  Here is the interview I did to commemorate the event! Remember, Barbara, it’s better to be a has-been than never to have been at all.

Sam’s @1 Fan Follow

An exclusive Interview by Norma D

At the beginning of last week. Barbara Fraser woke up and went to work just like any other day (Yo heave ho, ugh.  Yooo heave ho, ugh).


Little did she know that her life would completely change for the next 7 days, due to an idea Sam came up with to prevent Droughtlander Dehydration –  #SamsFanFollow.   Sam picked one person that he would follow for a week, who would then pick another, and another until April 4th, when Outlander returns.  His first pick was Barbara, and the Church of Heughanology got an exclusive interview with her about her experience.

We sat down to talk while having Mimosas at the Don Cesar Resort in St. Petersburg.  I had prepared a few questions, to kick start the conversation.   Barb had just finished her reign as Queen of Outlander Fans and had a permanent (I believe)smile on her face!


Norma D:     So, Barbara, what was your first thought when you realized Sam Heughan had really followed you?

Barbara:  I was at work at lunch on Twitter (when am I not) when across the top of my phone crawls a message, “Sam Heughan is following you.” I thought, “This has to be a joke.”  So I went to notifications and there it was, he was following me. I checked his Twitter page and sure enough it was the same.

I started freaking out.  My hands started shaking, and I became short of breath.  (Secretly, I was happy I was at work, just in case I had a heart attack, I could grab the desk as I fell and someone would call 911). I had to talk to someone, so I tweeted a few friends, “Are you there? I’m freaking out!”


Someone answered back and told me she saw what had just happened and it was real.  I thought for sure it was a mistake and he would unfollow immediately, but he didn’t.   I started tweeting and saying, “OMG! OMG!  OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!” over and over.  Actually, I think I didn’t say anything else for quite a while!

Norma D:  So when did you start acting like a queen and not a raving maniac?

Barbara:  I had to fake it for a while.  But I got home without an accident.


Norma D:   What happened next?

Barbara:    I got home from work, and looked at my notifications.  They were going crazy.   I noticed a tweet from someone else, who had tagged me and tweeted Sam.  It said that “She was probably in notifications and didn’t know Sam tweeted her. “ Which I was.  My Friends were thrilled!


I, your Gorgeous Babs, was followed by Sam Heughan today!

OMG! OMG! OMG!  We'e so verklempt!

OMG! OMG! OMG! We’re so verklempt!

Barbara:  But I froze as one stood out.  SAM TWEETED ME!   His beautiful face flashed before me.  Why me?


Because I wanted ye more than anything I ever wanted in my life.

Norma D:   I am in awe and cannot imagine how you felt (except for the night Sam visited me and asked me to start CoH,  but enough about me)!   So, tell me, what was the funniest tweet you had with Sam?

Barbara:  We were discussing how to pick the next SamFanFollow and I said that it could be interesting. He responded, “Hmmmm”!    I went, Sam uses “Hmmmm” like the rest of us?  Impossible!   Actually, I think he was avoiding asking why I thought that.   (It is an excellent avoidance tactic.) I would have worried more if he said, “hmmpf!”

Norma D:   So how did you come up with a contest to assist you with picking the next SamFanFollow?

Barbara:   I thought about it for a while and of course friends started jockeying for position.


Barbara:  It didn’t seem fair to just pick someone. Who would I pick?  Then I thought, “Let’s have some fun during Droughtlander!”   I came up with the game!  I thought it would be fun for fans and it was my one shot at this, so I should make it count!   There were so many great entries that I couldn’t pick just one and then I came up with the voting from Six Finalists.

Barbara:  I RT several of the entries directly to Sam, more than my eventual six finalists.  I wanted him to see how creative we are.   I only used DM to comment on his hiking post, but I didn’t get an answer.  (Lost in the sea of Tweets)



Norma D:  So what was the best and worst part of the week?

Barbara:  The best part was how surreal this was.  Almost like a dream I would wake up from!  It also was very touching about all of the support and attention I’ve been getting.  I felt like Santa getting letters at Christmas only it was tweets.   Sam was my 802nd Follower.  I have 1265 today! (Do ya think?)


Barbara:  I talked to so many people, that I may never have met without this.  I talked to existing followers, some I hadn’t heard from for a while.  It made me feel like this amazing FANMILY, was on this ride with me!   Oh and the memes!    So many, so clever!

Barbara:  The worst part about this was knowing it would end and a few of the negative remarks that were made.  Thank goodness there were so many more positive comments!   The others were never that important, just surprising.

Norma D: So what would you advise future SamFanFollow winners?

Barbara:  First, be careful how much you tweet and RT to Sam.   Don’t nag the crap out of him!  Do you honestly think he wants to see RT of some of the pics of Jaime or him that we pass around?

IMG_0021 IMG_0055 IMG_0023

Barbara:  I was the first and it was shocking.  At least the next people will have some warning.

Norma D:  Anything else you’d like to share?

Barbara:  I’ll remember this experience forever.  I’ve never been involved in fandom before and never dreamed something like this could happen to me.  Thank you Sam!  It was a blast!

Norma D:  This EXCLUSIVE interview was brought to you by the Church of Heughanology.  Thank you Barbara, for your time.

You have served the fandom well!




Barbara Mills Fraser

Second Banana Theater


Second Banana Adult Theater


The Real Fraser Pre-Wedding Conversation

Or What Were They Thinking?


Jamie & Claire Fraser


A CoH Production

Written & Directed by Norma D

Staged & Captioned By Sandy Smith



Its opening night for the Second Banana Theater and we are proud to present a new work by CoH Productions.  We are certain it will fill a void left by Starz putting too much Frank business in the stories.


Jamie and Claire’s marriage was hasty to say the least.  They did a lot of ogling, smoldering and sighing up until the event, but many of their questions were left hanging in the air, so to say.  The following is our interpretation of what the conversation would have been like, if Dougal had not been in such a hurry to “get on with it” (the wedding)

.FullSizeRender (24)

FullSizeRender (25)

FullSizeRender (21)

FullSizeRender (22)

FullSizeRender (23)

FullSizeRender (26)

FullSizeRender (27)

FullSizeRender (28)

FullSizeRender (29)

FullSizeRender (30)

FullSizeRender (9)


FullSizeRender (6)

FullSizeRender (7)

FullSizeRender (8)

FullSizeRender (15)

FullSizeRender (11)

FullSizeRender (12)

FullSizeRender (13)

FullSizeRender (14)

Now wouldn’t that have been helpful if it happened before the wedding night started?



2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.  Blog started November 17, 2014.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,400 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 57 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.