Norma D Celebrates 1K Twitter Followers!


In honor of reaching 1k (unlike Sam’s 100+K) on Twitter I am celebrating by offering Open Enrollment into the Church of Heughanology and having a contest to see how much you have learned from Norma D over the past 6.5 months.  The prize will be a typical Norma D style gift which will be mailed to you in a plain brown wrapper (no kidding).  In order to enroll in CoH you need to follow this site which is not necessary to enter the contest. 

Contest Rules

All you need to do is answer six questions and one tie-breaker.  All answers can be found in the Church of Heughanology pages and postings.  The tie-breaker can be garnered from convos between Norma D and Twitter followers or from something you liked that I said in CoH.   Everyone (follower or not) is welcome to participate.  Deadline for submissions will be midnight, June 10th, 2015 (EST).  No fighting or accusations of favoritism will be tolerated.  We are not children.   We are adults who act like children. 

child 2

My Dad and Grandfather are idiots. I need to get inside and finish my science project so I can rule the world!


I’m kicking you out of my way, so I can win Norma D’s contest!

Watch this space:  Prize Information and Pictures to Come. 

Contest Questions 

(I am adding pictures for the intellectually challenged)

1.  How many family jewel euphemisms did Norma D create for CoH?(Below is a Family Jewel Euphemism that doesn’t count toward this answer)


What does this look like? Right, too small. It is an unprotected Twinky.

Here is a “safe sex” Twinky that is securely covered.

2.  What are the total number of movies in production that Norma D is starring in with Sam? (these are not two)


No one wants to see the wedding night of George Clooney even if Sam plays him. This one was axed.


Sam was concerned about making this picture because Norma had a gun! She’s so careless and drinks a lot!

3.  When did the Church of Heughanology begin? (When was the first page posted?)


4.  What song does Sam sing on the Church of Heughanology?


Sam didn’t sing in this one. The King of Men lip Synced the King. (Norma borrowed Ann Margaret’s boobs before they sagged.)

5.  Besides 1K Twitter followers for Norma D, what are her other two significant recognitions this past 6.5 months? (Hint:  Look for the words Significant Recognition in the posting). 

6. What is the secret of CoH’s success?


The secret of our success has nothing to do with sex. Well a little, but only imaginary.

 Tie Breaker Question

What is your favorite Norma D phrase, saying, or expletive and why?


 Submit your entries (one entry per person, no groups) to

Finally, I want to thank all of you for the past 6.5 months of love and laughter.  It has been a wild ride for a virgin Tweeter and Blogger.  More to come!


What the fook am I going to do next to keep this crowd calm? Maybe it’s time for the Donkey!

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