Interview with Outlandish Memes

We have now lived through a second SamFanFollow and are in the midst of a third.  CoH thought it would get a different perspective from the 1st SamFanFollow picked by the First SamFanFollow who was picked by Sam!   As Chief and Only High Priestess of the Church of Heughanology, I was sent Down Under to Interview Roxy, aka @Outlandish Memes.  The very long flight was made more bearable by first class accommodations, excellent champagne, and charming co-passengers.



Tymee Kangaroo Down, CEO of Really Truly Outback Beer


Karl the Kinky Koala Bear


Crocodile Dundee met me at the airport and was my guide to Roxy’s palatial estate in the Outback.  I was warmly welcomed and we sat on her verandah where we munched traditional Australian food and an impressive selection of Fosters!




Norma D:    So, Roxy, when you found out that you had won the SamFanFollow, what was your strategy for communicating with Sam?                          

Roxy:    I had devised a three pronged battle communication strategy in advance based on

                                                “The Rules”  

  • Wait until he DMs me.

  • Let him wait for at least two hours for a reply.

  • Play hard to get. Be classy.

  • Men love the unattainable.

    I vant to be alone.  But I vant you to be vith me alone, Sam.  No, I just vant to be alone and  unattainable.
    I vant to be alone. But I vant you to be vith me alone, Sam. No, I just vant to be alone and unattainable.



 Norma D.    Sam seemed a little shy about doing his duty by you for SamFanFollow.   Did you make memes ahead of time to send him?




Roxy:          As you know, I had quite a wait for Sam to give up Barb and to REMEMBER to follow me so I filled in time planning my “memes rewind” campaign.  Luckily I have a treasure trove of memes he’s never seen. Retweeting old memes allowed me to concentrate on my Direct Messaging Strategy. 

Norma D:   Sounds a bit like a war strategy!  All’s fair in love and war, they say. So, was your interaction with him, everything you expected?


Roxy:          Not at all. I expected an impersonal “hello” public tweet and an occasional favorite of a generic, family friendly meme. I had the complete opposite experience. Great DMs and almost radio silence on public Twitter (I did get a “wow” and a wink I recall).






Norma D:   What was the funniest tweet or DM you shared that you can share with others. 

 Roxy:          Between conversations there was a quiet time when Sam was out ceilidhing (partying) and I commented that I felt like I was tweeting God or Elvis. That got a chuckle. The whole selfie thing was also a highlight. It obviously wasn’t a naked selfie, guys. Who would do that, seriously?


Norma D:    I would! (Did I say that out loud?)  So, Roxy, what was the best and the worst part of being SamFanFollow? 


Roxy:           The best part were the DMs and getting to finally meet Sam via Twitter. (Living in Australia means my chances of meeting any of the cast are slim to none.)  The fact that he asked for and used one of my portraits as his Avi is something I’m never going to get over.  I also enjoyed meeting new followers.  The worst part were the time zones, which meant Sam often DMd me at 3 A.M., so forming a coherent response was a challenge.  I was also dismayed to find out that deleted messages still go through. That was a low point, hahaha! Damn you Twitter!


Norma D:     So tell me, was there one thing you always wanted to know? Did you ask the question?  Was it answered?

 Roxy:            I   didn’t ask too many questions other than did he want to stay in my spare bedroom if he comes to Australia one day. That one he didn’t answer, so I’m going to take that as a firm yes.



I said I’d stay in her spare bedroom next time i’m in Australia? Why in the hell would I do that?


Norma D:   What was your family’s reaction to all of the hoopla? 

 Roxy:    My girls were like ‘yay Mum!’   Husband less impressed, probably worried it would interfere with my dishwasher emptying duties.



Norma D:   All good things must come to an end.   How did you come up with your contest for the next SamFanFollow? 

 Roxy:         I wanted something random so everyone had a chance so I figured the “guess how many” game would work well. It was definitely fun to do.  I was surprised people still  complained that it was too involved !  Can’t make it much simpler. Looking forward to seeing what Robyn does. I can enter again, right?

Norma D:    I don’t make the rules.  Anything you’d have done differently? 

Roxy:           I never would have gotten married if I’d known Sam was going to come calling. I also would have made sure I knew how to use DMs properly. I probably should have sent the kids to Mum’s for the week, too.

 Norma D:    (Sam, I know she blamed the kids for sending the strange DM, but it was really her!)  Uh, Do you have any advice for future SamFanFollows? 

 Roxy:       Just be yourself and don’t hit him up for too many favors or demands.   He’s VERY busy.  Also, don’t be sending naked selfies to the poor guy.


OMG I can't believe what I am seeing!

Sam:  OMG I can’t believe what I am seeing! Some things you can’t unsee.


Norma D.    Thanks do much for your time and candid responses.   One last query, are you and Barb starting a SamFanFollow Has-Beens Club?

 Roxy:            Definitely. A support group which will meet monthly to drink whisky and  reminisce.


#SamFanFollow Has-Beens Club Established January,  2015

#SamFanFollow Has-Beens Club


Norma D.     Signing off for now CoH followers!   I’m flying back with a new escort.

Oh Liam, Let me teach you about the Casting Couch.

Oh Liam, let me teach you about the Casting Couch.


Since SamFanFollow will be continuing to infinity and beyond, the CoH will not be authorizing future interviews, unless it receives overwhelming requests and donations to do so. 



10 thoughts on “Interview with Outlandish Memes

  1. Dear Jira! Thank you so much for your kind remarks. Please feel free to peruse all since there is much to learn about “Heughanology”. Followers are always welcome! I need to get to my Dermatologist, so I can be ready for my close-up! Fondly, Norma D


  2. “I never would have gotten married if I’d known Sam was going to come calling.” My favorite line! You are incredibly hilarious! LOVE IT!


  3. CoH you have struck gold again! I waited in anticipation for your interview with Roxy and you didn’t disappoint. Would love to read the continuing saga of Sam’s Ladies. What can I do for you?


    1. Perchance all of Sam’s ladies might not be interested! I knew Barb and Roxy pretty well, so I didn’t feel uncomfortable asking for the exclusive. New people who don’t know me, might think I’m even nuttier than I really am. Not sure how to go forth. DM me sometime with your thoughts! Fondly, Norma D.


  4. Well done Norma D! In case you didn’t know this is me sending you an overwhelming request to continue your SamFanFollow interviews. Plus I am donating 6 Fosters to the cause!


    1. Thank you for your remarks and interest. I myself was curious about what really goes on, and found the information educational. The interviewees do such a great job on their answers, it makes it easy for me to do this. Fondly, NORMA D


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