As COHP of the Church of Heughanology lifestyle, it behooves me to campaign for an Emmy for Sam Heughan, the actor who plays Jamie Fraser in Outlander.   I am motivated to do so by the media who seems to think his role is so easy that he doesn’t deserve the Emmy like Cait or Tobias.   I beg to differ.
First, Cait is Claire.  Its easier to play yourself in a role.  No insult to her.   She does deserve an Emmy (for her stamina alone!)   Plus she’s had to hold her own against all those men!



Cait ends up on top!

Here is my take on Claire.  She is a spirited, beautiful, sexually assertive woman who is brave yet vulnerable.  She is a survivor who does so with wit, charm and lots of whisky.   Is this not a description of Cait?


Then Tobias is playing a character who is so patently evil, there is no other way to play him.  The occasional lip twitch and rat tooth look, notwithstanding, Tobias has no option but to play the villain.  The words he speaks make him sound evil (even if said with no emotion).  “I live in darkness and darkness is where I belong.”  It is the villain, no mistake!  He deserves the Emmy just for all the hatred he must endure from fans and store cashiers!


So here are my reasons for nominating Sam for an Emmy.


1.  Sam has completely transformed himself for this role.  Before he got this role, he was a shy, sci-fi nerdy, stage actor, who looked a little too wimpy in some IMBD pictures for me. Even Herself (Diana Gabaldon) thought he was “grotesque and was a poor pick for Jamie.”

I am so wimpy, I don’t even want to play with those naked girls over there. I’m too skinny and I am wearing too much lipstick.

I am wearing my membership pin  for the Bad Hair Club for Men.

I am wearing my membership pin for the Bad Hair Club for Men.


I am a pasty white Englishman playing prince charming pretending to be 007!

Here he is playing Jamie Fraser (it’s miraculous!):

image   image image image image image image

Even Diana changed her tune.


Now that’s a transformation!  (It certainly isn’t because of his costume.) If they had an Emmy for best butt, he’d be a shoe-in.  Great Acting.  #EmmyForHeughan
2.  Then he had to learn to speak with a strong Scottish accent and the Gaelic!  He was so good, I had to turn on the closed captions so I could understand what he said at first!    It was kind of like listening to Robin Williams describing the invention of golf.
Like Jamie in the book, the more angry he got, the thicker his accent became.  Take a look at the argument between Jamie and Claire in The Reckoning.    Either Cait had used all his hair products or that is acting, people, great acting. #EmmyForHeughan

456   th8IJ4A8RR

3. Sam had to learn to ride a horse in a kilt and pretend he really liked it.  He talked about feeling liberated while riding a horse commando, even at a gallop.  Great acting.   #EmmyForHeughan

Hope my gel cushion doesn’t show!


4.  Sam had to act romantic and sexy, while portraying a  22 year old virgin.   Sam was 34 years old and by no means a virgin when he took on this role.  Even though some of his IMBD pictures made him look wimpy, he was still hunky enough to play Batman!   abc xyz I’m sure the ladies loved that look all over the world!  So it was a formidable acting challenge to play young Jamie the virgin.  He used eye sex,  hand sex, and knee porn before he got laid three times by Claire on the honeymoon . Here are some techniques he used to appear virginal.

 image thT82A0980  thQD5SC4PC




image image

All of this from a man who probably has to fight off women at the car wash and probably lost a few times on purpose…a man whose Little black book has its own library.   Now that’s acting…real acting.     #EmmyForHeughan

5. Sam had to learn how to be a warrior.  Sam is no slouch when it comes to munro-bagging, running marathons, tagging sharks, and Peaking. Being a warrior calls for different skills, like wielding a sword, dagger, or gun (sometimes he practiced on Claire) and lots of yelling. This is great acting.  #EmmyForHeughan


This must be a gun.


I know, Claire, I’m not supposed to stab YOU! I’m just practicing.


Now you stand there and I’ll pretend to threaten you with my sword and you act scared. Ok?


Discretion is the better part of valor. Run for your lives!


Henry, you’re not supposed to really hit me! Is my face ok?


The gun looks scarier if you make a snarly face.

6. Finally, his portrayal of pain.  It is not easy to act like you’re in pain, when you’re not.  Jamie played by Sam is in a lot of pain a lot of the time.  This is great acting.  I can’t make jokes about this.  It is too raw.

thUDCS72PT sam-heughan-outlander-tobias-menzies-starz



One tear. That's great acting!

One tear. That’s great acting!

Suffice it to say, there is no Outlander without Jamie and there is no better Jamie anywhere than Sam Heughan.  Its not easy to bring a book boyfriend for over 25 million, to life.  Sam has done so with grace, charm and great acting. 



30 thoughts on “EmmyForHeughan

  1. It is a remarkable piece of work. Every emotion of Jamie is thrown into the plot. He has achieved so much in such a short time. I do not think for one moment it has been as easy as it looks. Fantastic .!!
    Thank you so much for allowing us to share your insight. It has been a pleasure!!!


    1. I appreciate your remarks. I love what Sam has done with his character and even though I like snark, I do believe he deserves an Emmy. His skills are finally being used appropriately! The Church of Heughanology is here for all to experience! Visit often there is much to learn! Fondly, Norma D


  2. As someone who feels that Jamie has been shoved to the side in this adaptation, I appreciate this post. Jamie is the most compelling character in the book and the least compelling one in the show. The complicated, wounded, intelligent, sexy, and funny hero has been turned into a silly boy who is unable to manage the basic tasks he was raised for. Too dumb to deal with the Duke of S on his own and too incompetent to know how to be laird, to say nothing of the fast that he was dumb enough to think they could stay at Lallybroch permanently before having his name cleared.

    It’s painful. Truly.

    The character assassination of Jamie Fraser is the reason Sam is often overlooked. To me, he deserves an emmy for all the reasons you describe but mostly because he has managed to act through, over, and despite the ruination of his character and the missing dialog.

    If there were an emmy for doing the most with the least, he should get it.


    1. I have often toyed with idea that OL is really about Jamie’s life as seen through Claire’s eyes. So I can see your points. CoH is dedicated to serving Sam, OL and the fandom! Thank you for reading! I’m heading out for a Dead Sea Salt Wrap for my pending close up! Fondly, Norma D


      1. I totally buy the idea that we are seeing Jamie ‘s life through Claire’s eyes. I also found Jamie a more interesting and complex character as he grew older, became a parent, had to deal with some of life’s profound challenges. It will be interesting to see how long the Starz series lasts, especially given the long hiatuses their production model demands. I am guessing three seasons which will leave them landed on a beach in the Georgia sea islands, as I recall.

        Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________


      2. What interesting comments have evolved from my little post! Over 4,100 views and many comments have resulted! It seems many others see the fine performance Sam has given in this complex role! I get excited about the wonderful people I have met through OL and my maiden blog! Thank you for your valuable input! Fondly, Norma D


    1. I am thrilled that you enjoyed our message! CoH is dedicated to the fandom of Sam and OL. Visit oftentimes! I am only here to serve. Must do a lighting check for my close up! Fondly, Norma D


  3. He has the best neck and collar bones ever. I couldn’t blame Black Jake for wanting some of that. I cannot believe the range of emotion on his face. Sure he is hunky, Scottish and (currently) ginger haired but has put so much of himself into this role, I hope he doesn’t need counseling when it is over. I cannot believe how this beloved character has come alive as the series continues. I can’t wait for the next episodes.


    1. I agree! Thank you for your observations. You are welcome to admire all that is the Sam Heughan Experience. Much can be learned at CoH. I must run out for grapes for the Samson and Delilah grape peeling scene. Fondly, Norma D


  4. This is a bit creepy. Yes Sam deserves to be rewarded. He did a wonderful job. But pointing out that others on the show did a great job, in no way diminishes Sam or his acting skills. This is not the Jamie show. I love him as much as the next girl, but this is a bookand show about Claire’s journey, and BJR plays a roll in that right now. So what if other people recognize that?


    1. I have no problem if others recognize anyone on the show. I recognize them regularly in other venues. This blog mostly relates to Sam and his crazy fandom. I think the media sometimes looks at him as a lightweight hero type, so I made some points about him. In no way is this blog meant to be taken seriously by anyone! Not even me! I respect your point of view, however. I’m sure all of Starz OL will be recognized (cast and crew) for their wonderful work. Fondly, Norma D


  5. I love the cast n crew. They’re all fantastic. But I have been researching The Emmy Awards & how they do their voting. There must be someone on the voting team who reads FB posts! So I thought if we did our own ‘Emmy Awards’ on FB, surely the powers that be would see a massive amount of support for Sam’s portrayal, and perhaps it would influence the voting! So, I shall be first: I WANT SAM HEUGHAN ON THE NOMINATIONS & I VOTE FOR HIM!!


  6. This is just what the doctor ordered! Not to take anything away from Cait and Tobias, but I too believe there should be extra effort to highlight Sam’s ingenious talent and his insane ability to transform himself into our Jamie. I’ve remarked so often that he is really a set of triplets. He has to be to show such a wide and varied range of physicality and personality! LOVE HIM LOVE HIM LOVE HIM! Baptize me with Scotch and a Sgian dubh!


    1. I am happy you have found the place where Heughanologists are accepted and loved. Sam is an international treasure! Vocal coach just arrived for my new silent film with CLOSE UPS! Fondly, Norma D


  7. I just found you! Great blog post. I don’t get that people think that just because Sam is handsome (yes, and has a great butt) that he can’t be appreciated for his unbelievable acting ability as well. Caitriona I am sure has dealt with that for years. Sam’s portrayal of Jamie in Ep 15 is the best television I’ve ever seen. I’m so excited to follow his career.


    1. Thank you for your support. The Church of Heughanology is devoted to Sam, OL. and the fandom! Even though I poke fun at us, I’ve tried to make us inclusive. I welcome all. I have a masseuse waiting for me. Must get in shape for my close-up. Fondly, Norma D


  8. I have no idea how I never found you before last night but I’d like to get baptized into your Church immediately if not sooner! I’ve read the books (a billion years ago when I was a young working mother desperate for distraction), I think Starz has done an absolutely stellar adaption although having a living author breathing over them has to put more gray hair in Ron Moore’s beard than he ever planned, watching three excellent mid-career (these people are all over thirty-five, fandom) at the absolute freaking top of their games is a once-in-a-lifetime thing and don’t forget it. On the other hand, the amount of insanity brought on by the blog wars between the Bookies and the non-Bookies; the people who seem to constantly conflate the actors into their creations; the vile memes and screen caps — it’s as if somewhat put ergot into the water supply every Saturday afternoon. Good Lord! So thanks again, I read every one of your posts last night before I started working on a client proposal due today — I just want you to see I am someone who has her priorities in the right place. Count me as a huge fan of your writing and insights.
    From Atlanta where it is already humid in May and my hair is swelling to Claire-like proportions.


    1. Thank you, Ellen, for your kind remarks. I too love OL and am aware of the factions. I guess the CoH arose because of a need for acceptance and a safe place to laugh at ourselves! Some do not appreciate my irreverence to the actors, the show and the books, but I assuredly love them all. This isn’t a church, it’s a lifestyle! LOL. I’m in Tampa, hence I wear my ocelot turbans to cover my frizzy hair! Fondly, Norma D


    1. Never meant as insult as any others of my blogs are meant! But I respect your opinion. I was merely mocking the media who depict him as a lightweight at times. Sorry if I offended, Too snarky for my own good. Fondly, Norma D


  9. Agree 100% Sam has given Jamie blood & bones Transformed a great character from print to film with such nuanced aplomb #Emmyfor Sam should be every fan’s battle cry

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad to hear your input! I too appreciate his work and employ snarky, to get my point across as usual! Off to get a Dead Sea salts rub for my close up! Fondly, Norma D!


  10. Your snark strains the saying “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” to the breaking point. You praise his butt as great acting and then expect people to take you seriously for anything else you say is great acting?


    1. I am not and never have been serious in my writing. Sometimes, I get my point across despite this. However, I appreciate your remarks and your opinion! All are welcome at CoH. Fondly, Norma D


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