10 Fav Characters Blog Hop

Jenny @Outlanderl tagged me to write a quick post about my 10 fav characters in books, movies and TV.

Of course, at my age, I have experienced a lot of books, TV and movies.  TV wasn’t even available for public use when I was little.  So I really had to think about my favorites and, of course my remarks. I could never make this simple.

I have to start with Starz Outlander‘s Jamie & Claire Fraser.  I’m counting them as one because I picture them as “joined” in the Biblical sense.  I read Diana Gabaldon’s series and never thought anyone could capture the rapturous pairing of these two characters on TV or in the movies.  Well, Starz has truly surpassed all that I ever expected and more.  Truth be told, if I had to pick one, it would be Jamie just because I’m a woman and he is HOT!  But I cannot see Jamie being hot with anyone but Claire, so they have to be a twofer.



Next I would have to say anything that Mel Brooks ever made, but my favorite is Young Frankenstein and the character was the Monster because I loved Peter Boyle.   YF was my Mother’s fav.  In 1980, I moved to Florida with my family.  My Mom came to visit and there was a showing of Young Frankenstein at a local theater.  Mom, my oldest daughter, Kim, and I decided to go.

I was new to the area so I picked the furthest theater I could find,because I didn’t know any better.  Arriving at the last minute, all three of us ordered our ”usual”, a tub of popcorn with extra butter layered and a large drink.  Even in those days it was a lot for one person to eat.  The theater server looked at me in shock.  I said straight faced, “I have brought several orphans with me to the show and we are all sharing,”   Thus began our hilarious night.  Which is too long to share here.   The next morning we sat for the whole morning laughing over scenes like these:

image image


Mom passed away about a year ago, but a couple of days before she passed, we talked about “Schwanstucker,” “Puttin on the Ritz,”  “Ah Sweet Mystery of Life” and laughed again.

The next movie I loved was, The Way We Were   and   Katie Morovsky.   I was Katie, a rather plain smart young woman who fought like Don Quixote for causes in which I believed.  And I always crushed on the unattainable rich popular guy (Hubble Gardiner) who would love me for what I am.  Her passionate belief that one person can make a difference never left her, even though Hubble did.  Till this day, when I see the movie or hear the music, I cry!   And Robert Redford!   OMG.

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Another fav was Cabaret and the character  Sally Bowles.   I had seen many musicals over the years and loved them.  I think this was the first one that had such a dark side to it.   Combining the musical with the story of the Nazis and their rise to power, was genius.  It also was the first musical that I recall to address bi-sexual and/or homosexual themes.   Sally Bowles was a survivor and Liza Minelli understood this concept, I am certain.   I often wonder what happened to Sally after Brian returned to England and she was left in Nazi Germany.   Bob Fosse added his unique, glorious touch through dance and music.

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My first Book Boyfriend was Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  He was a man that I thought was everything a woman could want.  Well to do, educated, shy, heroic without fanfare, passionate without being obvious, and someone you could depend upon to always do the right thing.  I ended up marrying a man just like him (although he wasn’t “well-to-do”).  I was smart to look for Mr. Darcy in the man I married, for I have been happily married for 49 years and he made all my dreams come true. When the movie came out I realized I would  never think of Mr. Darcy as any other actor than Colin Firth. 



I always loved science fiction, but my fav character from all those books and movies was Ripley from Alien.  She was the first female character I had ever seen in a movie that was the kickass hero.  She was tough, smart, sweaty, snarky and kicked the s—t out of the alien creature she battled.  I even took my 8 year old daughter to see it so she could see what a hero she could be.  It scared the tar out of her and she hid under her father’s coat some of the time, but she turned out to be quite the hero herself.  It was a huge shift in how we women looked at ourselves.  Ripley paved the way for Sarah Conner, Katniss Everdeen, Buffy Sommers, Trinity, Lara Croft, Elizabeth Swann, Charlie’s Angels and numerous others.  It is no longer unusual for the woman in a film to be the hero.  Thanks Ripley, ye done us proud.

thCTWS0L15 ellen-ripley-alien-movies-alien-28784390-715-427 aliens-ripley-geared-up

I have always loved the works of John Irving and have read many of his books.  I was particularly struck by the character of Dr. Wilbur Larch in The Cider House Rules.  He was a flawed man who performed illegal abortions in an orphanage he ran.  It was in the days when women died using coat hangers and other dangerous methods to rid themselves of unwanted pregnancies.  Dr. Larch felt it was his duty to provide a safe place for women to come for an abortion or to have a baby and leave it at the orphanage so they would not have to live with their shame.    It really doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you may be on when it comes to abortion, but Wilbur Larch lived his life with one goal:  To be of use.  I adopted that motto for my own life and it has stayed with me.  I wanted to be “of use”, not taking up air in an empty effort to survive.  Dr. Larch helped me to understand that one needn’t be a perfect person to help others.  It didn’t matter how flawed you may be, you could still reach out, you could still make a positive impact in another person’s life.


I cannot leave Law and Order SVU and Olivia off of this list.  I think Olivia is a strong character with many layers that I enjoy watching.  She is dedicated and committed to saving victims of sex crimes.   I cannot imagine how much strength that takes.   I would arrest one child rapist and kill him/her on the spot.  Then I would be in jail and that is the end of my career.   Olivia keeps going like the ever ready rabbit.  I think the fact that Mariska Hagarty has continued Olivia’s work in real life makes me even more attracted to the character.  The charity she started in 2004, Joyful Heart Foundation, helps victims of sexual abuse.



Curtis Elliott  in   Snowpiercer was a character, I will not soon forget.  Snowpiercer is a story of survival following a modern ice age.  The Snowpiercer is a perpetual motion train that travels the globe and contains the last of civilization.  Common to all human social structure, there are classes of people ranging from the elite to the people who live in the tail.  Curtis lives in the tail, but leads a rebellion that eventually changes everything.  I liked Curtis because despite his tough exterior, he loathes himself for being willing to do anything to survive, even cannibalism.  Despite this, he still possesses a compassionate side that rises to the surface, even though he thought it was gone.  He sacrifices his arm and his life to stop the train and let humans return to a world of melting ice.  Snowpiercer is a frightening, gory movie, but Curtis is a character that proves good is inside even the most vile persons, if they let it blossom.

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I cannot ignore the film and character to which I owe my Twitter existence.  Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard.   Norma is an older silent film star who is desperate to make a comeback in the film industry.  She goes so far as to write her own script and hires a handsome, down on his luck screenwriter (Joe Gillis)to help her polish it.  Of course, Norma becomes the original cougar and keeps Joe in style at her mansion.  Eventually, Joe falls in love with a younger woman, resents being a kept man and decides to leave.  Norma, who is slipping from reality, shoots and kills him.  When all of the newsreel cameras show up because of the murder, Norma thinks it is time for her close up instead of a trip to the funny farm.    What attracts me to Norma?   She is the faded symbol of glamourous old Hollywood, a star in the truest sense.  She is a woman who, despite being an aging actor that no one wants to hire, never gives up.  Crazy as she was, I admire her steadfast belief that her big break is still to come.  I admire her courage to find love even in the company of a gigolo.  I admire that she kept busy each day with beauty treatments, script writing and signing pictures for her many “fans”.   It goes to prove that there are only three things we need in life – something to do, something to look forward to and someone to love.

norma tumblr_m3pch9Nar21qfy2kdo1_500 th0LVEVKNG tumblr_mhlivhZPrQ1qkg5u5o2_500 tumblr_mhmcop72Br1qkg5u5o1_500

So that’s my big 10 so far.  Hope you get a chance to see/read some that you may not have taken the time for in the past.

The Mean Tweets

About a year ago I published this article on CoH.  A few Fritters requested that I  publish this again. They thought it was pertinent to some recent issues that have occurred following Sam and Cait’s reveal about their friendship.   Little did I know how prophetic I could be.  Fondly,  NORMADAMUS.

I am usually considered “light” reading on this blog, I have stayed away from some of the controversial topics on Twitter!  More and more, however, I am confronted by things that concern me. Now the RW (real world) is invading my FFW (fun and fantasy world) on Twitter.  The other day, I listened (about the only time ever) to commentary on “Squawk Box” about Twitter being in trouble because of “mean” Twittering.  The very idea that a financial guru from Squawk Box would use the word “twittering” had me all (wait, wait) atwitter!

We like Sam's Ass.  It has us all atwitter!

We like Sam’s Ass. It has us all atwitter!

So, I thought I would take a stab at dissecting the issues, as I see them, but only about fan to fan “mean” tweets.  

I joined Twitter in October, 2014 and discovered a group of like-minded women and men who embraced all that is Outlander.  However, I soon discovered we embraced OL for different reasons.  Here are a few:

  • Many have read all of DG’s prodigious Outlander series and love Herself above all others. We are fully invested in the life of Jamie and Claire (Who wouldn’t be?)

I have read all of the books, novellas, and other DG Series.  I have pink tabbed the sex scenes.

I have read all of the books, novellas, and other DG Series. I have pink tabbed the sex scenes.

  • Some of us became attached to the group because of the Starz TV series (Who wouldn’t?).

Claire, leave Frank alone and just go to Jamie!
Claire, leave Frank alone and just go to Jamie!
  • Some Love and/or are obsessed with all that is Sam Heughan. Some just like his butt (Who wouldn’t?).

  • Some Love and/or are obsessed with all that is Caitriona Balffe. Some just like her butt(Who wouldn’t?).

Could anyone be more perfect as Claire?  And those bewbs!

Could anyone be more perfect as Claire? And those bewbs!

  • Some Love and/or are obsessed with all that is Tobias Menzies. Some may like his butt, however, not for long, after the story progresses (Who would?)

    Fraaaaank, don't become Black Jack Randall!

    Fraaaaank, don’t become Black Jack Randall!

  • Some Love and/or are obsessed with all that is Graham McTavish. Some may like his butt, though we’ve never seen it on screen. (Who knows?)

Ever wonder what is under that kilt?

Ever wonder what is under that kilt?

  • Some Love and/or are obsessed with all that is Duncan LaCroix. Some may love his eyebrows (Who wouldn’t?).


  • Some Love and/or are obsessed with all that is Grant O’Rourke. Some may love his voice and sweet smile (Who wouldn’t?).

And I wish you a gracious good evening, Lassie.

And I wish you a gracious good evening, Lassie. I have a long and heavy dirk.

  • Few Love and/or are obsessed with all that is Angus (except his tongue) or Leghair (sorry) (Who would be?).

One of the few picture without Angus' tongue showing.

One of the few picture without Angus’ tongue showing.


Now within these groups are different levels of interest and/or infatuation.  However, Sam Heughan seems to have generated the most heat and devisiveness in his fans, through no fault of his own.  Like all of the others listed above, he is a talented actor who has brought a dynamic character to life from the mind and writings of Diana Gabaldon.  He is Jamie Fraser because he has embraced the character and infused him with life on the TV screen.  Because of this, the fandom has separated into splinter groups and since we are mostly women, we seek to lead the fandom, using some typical female behaviors that are not always attractive, sniping in particular.

When I started the Church of Heughanology, it was meant to poke fun at the fandom (including myself) and to build comradery.  When I made up the by-laws, I never dreamed that they might provide us some guidance through this crisis.  I must have been sensitive (after only 30 days on Twitter) to the distant rumblings of discord.  So let’s look at the different types of Sam Fans (as I see it).

  • Traditionalist Outlander book readers who can recite whole chapters of the books and think Sam is doing a fine job as our beloved Jamie on TV. We can become protective of him, just like a son. We sometimes mix up Sam and Jamie. We ogle from afar his eyes, his face, his body in general.

Could I possibly be more GQ?

Could I possibly be more GQ?

  • Outlander TV fans who have so fallen in love with the characters of Jamie and Claire, that we have transferred the romance to Sam and Cait. We either get upset if Sam or Cait does anything that doesn’t fit into our FFW.   We gaze at RW pictures of them and project a FFW romance into their looks.

Look at Cait and Jamie uh Sam and Claire, whatever!  They're in love and getting married and making babies right now!

Look at Cait and Jamie uh Sam and Claire, whatever! They’re in love and getting married and making babies right now!

  • Outlander Book and TV fans who think that the above two groups are fans who can’t live in the RW and are on a mission to enlighten everyone with the truth (as we see it). We quote sources and argue passionately with those that disagree with us.

These poor delusional people!  My cousin Sally who delivers mail at the building next to the Starz office, says Sam is dating Cait's Cat and Cait is joining a convent.    There are pictures!

These poor delusional people! My cousin Sally who delivers mail at the building next to the Starz office, says Sam is dating Cait’s Cat and Cait is joining a convent. There are pictures!

  • Sam Heughan fans who have been followers of him for most of his career and are happy to see his success. We work on charity projects, bake goodies to send to the set, knit cowls, run TUGG events, travel to Scotland in hopes of a sighting, and countless other “fan” type activities.


  • Fans to whom Sam (now visualizing him as Jamie) had become their Book or TV boyfriend. We think about him all the time. We send him countless tagged tweets of everything from our pets to things we might not want our parents to see. We want to see under his kilt.  We drool over his body (yes, all of it). We sigh when he smiles. We say goodnight to him every night and good morning to him when we open our eyes. (Starz Tease Expertise plays into this group by sending out pictures like this


  • Finally, the group who is a combination of two or more or all of the above groups to varying degrees .

Quite a collection of nut cases, aren’t we? This is a fandom.  All we have in common is Sam Heughan.  I think there is a power struggle that goes on as to who are the best fans.  We want Sam to like us the best.   Unfortunately, we begin labeling the other groups with names, because we approach all that is Sam Heughan from different angles.   Sounds a lot like the RW when blacks and whites, rich and poor, beautiful and ugly, Republicans and Democrats, and any other divergent groups talk about each other.

So far (probably not after this posting), I have not been blocked or harassed or any of the bad things I have heard about from others.  Nor have I done it to others (except the girls who follow me and want to show me their sexy pictures).   But I put this in Tweets often:


I truly believe in the following CoH by-laws.

CoH By-law #1: Don’t judge.

What makes us so sure we have the only correct way to be a fan? We have labeled each other and tried to bully others into accepting our standards and beliefs. (Sounds like a real religion?)

CoH By-Law # 7   Assume no harm from Heughanologists. All we have in common is Sam.

Due to my position as COHP, I am contacted by “appalled” fans who report and complain about different postings or tweets that others make.  My response is always that everyone has a right to their opinion. Why do you think any of this is directed at you personally?  Why are you reading those things, if you don’t like them?  With all of the choices on Twitter and blogs to read, I’m sure you can find something else that you can agree with.  Ignore them or block them if you don’t want to be bothered by someone.

CoH By-Law #8 All forms of expression are acceptable: Fan Art, Memes, Poetry, Music, Dance, Baking, Crochet and Knitting, Felt Art, Legos, Talking Dogs, Cats & Horses, Blogs, Photography, Selfies, Scrapbooking, Ceramics, Animal Fashion Shows, and Fan Fiction.  Creativity, no matter how strange, is valued by all Heughanologists.  

We are a diverse mix of multicultural people in a fandom.  Free expression helps each of us learn what we like or don’t like.  If you don’t like what a group of fans are doing or saying, go to some other section of fans.  There are hundreds of thousands of us.  However, trashing and/or labeling the discarded group to the new group smacks of judging.  (Back to CoH #1)

CoH By-Law # 17     Vulgar, lewd, and exploitative conversations are strongly encouraged, within the tolerance of those involved. If a Heughanologist finds a discussion offensive, get out of the convo!  Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, it’s a free country! 

Some people really want to see under Sam’s kilt!  Sam is a grown man, who actively pursues a perfect body.  Like any man, he likes to be ogled.  Starz also likes him to be ogled.  Remember Starz tease expertise?  He  would not appear nude on international TV, just so we talk about his fine performance and his excellent ass uh accent.  He knew that thousands of people would be dreaming about him and his body from Episode 7 until infinity. 


When you saw this, didn’t you think , ” Sam, please jump up and down a few times or stand on your tippy toes” ? Lie to others but don’t lie to yourself.

If he didn’t know, perhaps he is just another pretty face (which I doubt).  If you cannot be publicly interested in seeing under Sam’s kilt (because I think privately we all do), go to another convo. People say lots of things in my convos that offend me.  I don’t respond and move onto something else.   I still talk with the offenders, as long as the conversation stays within my parameters of decency.  But I don’t go to others and say, “OMG, did you see that McGillicudy was saying awful things about Sam and his munro bagging!”

I hope you observed that I used the term “we” throughout this posting. I am a fan, too. I have been a good and a bad fan.  I am one with you.

Each of these factions of fandom say bad things about the other. Each of these factions try to convince the other to change. Each of these factions have both good and bad things about us. And because we understand this, doesn’t mean that we approve of each other.   It means that like minded fans should find each other.  Just leave those who are not like-minded alone!  Isn’t it strange that when it’s time to vote for Sam, we all do?

 Live and Let Live.

We are a FANMILY, a dysfunctional one, but a FANMILY, nevertheless.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Fritter!


Introducing Robyn “I’ve Got the Music in Me” Herron #3SamFanFollow

Norma D is a world traveler, but I had just returned from Down Under to Interview Roxy for CoH.  My plane just landed in LA when I discovered that the next SamFanFollow, Robyn Herron was from  (you guessed it) Down Under! I was not about to make another 19 hour flight back to Australia, so I asked Robyn to meet me in Tahiti for a chat. 

This is how Tahiti fits into the world.  Don't blink.

This is how Tahiti fits into the world. Don’t blink.

I had never interacted with Robyn on Twitter or through CoH (Apparently, she’s not interested in worshipping all that is Sam Heughan).    Since the fandom is about meeting new friends, I decided to make sure she got to know me (and I suppose I had get to know her, too).  Since all they have is coconut in Tahiti, we ordered some coconut based rum drinks. Our conversation flowed after four or five cocktails. 

Coconut Glasses, Coconut drinks, Coconut candies, even Coconut Bras!

Coconut glasses, Coconut drinks, Coconut table,Coconut straws and Coconut umbrellas!

Norma D:      So Robyn,  how long have you been on Twitter and when did you become a Sam Heughan Fan?   


I’ve been on Twitter for a few years but mostly for work.   Recently, I’ve noticed that there’s been less work tweets and more Outlander Tweets.  I’ve been following Sam since I saw a trailer for Outlander on IMDB about a month before it started airing.  I didn’t know they were making it (how I missed that I’ll never know).   As a reader of the books,  I promptly lost my s–t and started following everyone.  My life started slowly falling apart from there.

Who tagged me?  I still have 3,021 Notifications after two days of Tweeting!

Who tagged me? I still have 3,021 Notifications after two days of Tweeting!

Norma D:   I noticed on your profile that you work in radio, tell me about what you do.       

Robyn:   For the past ten years I’ve been a journalist/newsreader but recently made a slight change and started being a producer, which means I arrange interviews,  research, write the scripts and questions for the announcer, answer phones, manage social media and am generally all kinds of badass awesome most of the day.  My job is basically to make sure the presenter has whatever he needs while he’s on air.


Norma D:   I don’t see a wedding ring, what about your personal life? 

Robyn:   Single and ready to mingle.  No kids, just two puppy dogs who are certifiably mad (I’m trying not take that as a reflection of my mothering skills.)  “Indiana, stop bonking your sister, this isn’t Game of Thrones!” Naturally due to my lack of attachments I was quite convinced wedding bells would soon be a-ringin’ for Sam and myself.

Robyn's Wedding

Robyn’s Wedding (Meme courtesy of @HolaasSandy )

Norma D:   So, how did you guess the number of blocks in Roxy’s construction?   

Robyn:  5% skill 90% wild stab in the dark like a highlander’s dirk during a fight with the MacKenzies and Grants in the middle of the night. 


I counted about ten blocks, estimated the space they took up, then sort of divided the entire Lego Munro by that rough area.  It’s kind of like guesstimating the surface area of Sam’s body based on one pec.

Here is an example of the pectoral measurement process.   The scientific researcher is carefully measuring so she can prove the accurancy of Robyn's theory.

Here is an example of the pectoral measurement process.
The scientific researcher is carefully measuring so she can prove the accuracy of Robyn’s theory.

Norma D:   What did you say when you found out you’d won?
Robyn Exactly what I said on Twitter…”OH.MY.AND.GOD”  We’d just gotten off air and my presenter looked at me and said “What”?  All I could say was “Sam Heughan…Sam Heughan…Twitter”    I frequently mumble Sam’s name repeatedly under my breath at random times, so he’s quite familiar with this behavior.  He just rolled his eyes at me.


Norma DWhat did you learn to do and not to do from Barb and Roxy’s SamsFanFollow activities? 

Robyn:   Mostly I learned from Roxy.

  • People really liked the fairly random nature of her challenge.
  • If I delete DM’s from my end, Sam still sees them.  (GOOD ADVICE for rambling lunatics)
And then my dog ate my last pair of socks and I had to wear my walking boots with no socks and I got a blister,,,,,,,

And then my dog ate my last pair of socks and I had to wear my walking boots with no socks and I got a blister,,,,,,,

Norma D:    What was your biggest surprise about Sam? 

Robyn:  I was very surprised to realize that he can apparently live without me and unfollowed me!   I just don’t understand given how Twitty (Twitter witty), adorbs and totes amazeballs I am.  Also, that he listened to my heartbroken jams!  Again, how can he not love me with my sexy-as-f–k voice?   I bet he secretly still listens to it at night before he goes to bed…to sleep.  It’s been played over 2000 times, so 1,999 of them were probably him.

You know, when I have trouble sleeping I just listen to Robyn's break up music and I'm out like a light in 2 seconds!

You know, when I have trouble sleeping, I just listen to Robyn’s break up music and I’m out like a light in 2 seconds!

Norma D:  What was his biggest surprise about you as a fan? 

Robyn:   Probably that despite starting our first DM with an awkward declaration that I’m not a stalker….that I’m actually not a stalker…well, not much of one (Super-sexy skinny  Housemate chips in “That’s just a flat out lie”).

Here I am stalking (not Sam) disguised as Chief Inspector Clousseau.

Here I am not stalking (not Sam) not disguised as Chief Inspector Clousseau.

Norma D:      It sounds like you have a pretty hectic job.  Did SamFanFollow mess with your work?

Robyn:    HELLS YES.  I messed up a major interview, thinking it was another day, and we ended up missing our window to talk that guest…who’s like a household name in Australia.  But my workmates were very understanding that it’s pretty much a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I also had to come in a whole hour early each day to keep up with Twitter fans, follows, notifications.  So I was getting up at 4am and starting work at 5am.   Ugh. 



Norma D:  What did you like Best and least about your experience? 

Robyn:    Best: Generating a solid foundation for my marriage to my future husband, of course.   Plus new fan friends. 

Least: People who were impatient for details about the next follow, whiners and haters.  Nobody needs that negativity, “‘Ain’t nobody got time for dat”.  Also people getting their back up thinking my breakup tweets were ungrateful.  You couldn’t be further from the truth.  I was extremely grateful for my week with Sam.  I was just being cheeky and trying to make y’all laugh.   I really needed to just cheer myself up, because it was surprisingly sad when it ended.  I’m sure he was devastated too.   Must have been love.

I'm devastated that I had to unfollow Robyn.

I’m devastated that I had to unfollow Robyn

Norma D:   Tell me how you came up with your contest? 

Robyn:    I stuck with what I know.  We play radio mashups a fair bit in this biz.  I don’t know how, but I was brainstorming with my workmates and someone said the name of a break up song… I think it was the Celine Dion one, and it just rolled on from there.  It was very fun to put together.

There's another good break up song to add to the mashup!  This so much fun!

There’s another good break up song to add to the mashup! This so much fun!

Norma DAny Advice for future SamFanFollow winners?

Robyn:  Have fun, be yourself.  Haters gonna hate so just shake, shake, shake it off.  Also if you feel like doing a contest (which I don’t actually believe is anywhere in the SamFanFollow charter, it’s just something fun), stick to what you know. 

And with that Robyn climbed on her horse and rode away into the sunset. I thought of some good marriage advice for her as I watched her mount her horse:


Marriage tip number one: Always be graceful when your with a prospective match.