Which Shark Should We Jump? They All Look Alike!

My head is reeling with all of the angst over episode 208 and the “shark jumping” of the Outlander writers!  “Jumping the Shark” is a term used by Diana when referring to the changes made to her story for the TV Series, Outlander, and episode 8, in particular. It’s a common phrase for all televison shows based on books or other movies.  It is a shouting match of capital letters on FB and Twitter!  It looks something like this:




There must be at least 20 blog posts on WordPress alone!   So, having a vested interest in Outlander for Sam, I decided to add my perspective.  Obviously, with lines like these, the writers need help with shark jumping:

Leghair to Claire   “Didn’t the Mackenzie tell you I was here?”  

Really? Colum would automatically mention Leghair during his conversations with Jamie & Claire about the future of Scotland.  


Leghair to Claire:    “My grandmother sent me with the Laird so I could wash his clothes and help wherever I can.”  

Ok, so, I’m sure Lord Lovat has no serving maids or laundresses in that big castle who might wash a bit of soiled underwear or a shirt for Laird MacKenzie?  Don’t you think he has more that one shirt? A change of breeks? Socks? They didn’t change their clothes but once a week, anyway!   P u l l e a s e, Writers, where are your collective heads?  Up your collective a—s? LAME!


Claire to Leghair:  “You don’t know how many times I thought of ways to torture you for what you did, ending with me lighting the pile of wood you would be standing on, so I could dance on YOUR ashes!  But I don’t hate you.”

Now that is about as ridiculous a statement (paraphrased) as I have ever heard.  It shook the boundaries of credulity like a fookin’ earthquake!  If that isn’t hate, I’ve been reading the wrong dictionary!





I could go on and on.  However, I thought it would be more helpful to the writers if I proposed a few “Jumping the Shark” ideas for upcoming episodes, so that they wouldn’t embarass themselves.  No spoilers here, cause none of this happens in the book.

#1  Jamie goes through the stones back to when he first met Gellis Duncan.  He likes her bewbs and red shoes.  They decide to marry and have a child whose descendants  become successful in the restaurant business.




#2 After Claire returns to the future, she falls deeply in love with Frank and forgets Jamie forever!



#3  After the 5 stroke session  with Claire, King Louis decides to support the Jacobites, they win, and Bonnie Prince Charlie is on the throne.


#4  Leghair meets the Bonnie Prince and becomes his queen.



#5  Murtaugh and  Suzette marry and have a child.


Something stinks! I must be in France.

#6  Master Raymond goes to Poland and finds a natural Human Growth Hormone.  After he tests it on himself, he stars in Captain America.



#7  King Louis opens a nightclub.



#8 M. Forez takes his Hanged Man Rendered Fat Cream to Chanel who turns it into a wrinkle cream that makes a fortune!  


#9.  Jamie starts a Gaelic babysitting service.



For the somewhat anemic attempt in 208, here are 9 good ideas for”Jumping the Shark” that are much more believable than the ridiculous story-line developed for poor Nell Hudson.  




For those in the fandom who feel  violated by the perceived tainting by the Outlander adaptation for TV, I have nothing to advise other than professional counseling.   

For Starz, I recommend MORE NAKED JAMIE!


A meme by the talented @BoolahBeulah

I firmly believe that if one presents a problem to the “Powers That Be”, one should offer a solution.  Thank you for your kind attention.




7 thoughts on “Which Shark Should We Jump? They All Look Alike!

  1. Thank you for your humor when all I could do was shake my head and ask why such talented, intelligent people couldn’t just follow the book. (Perhaps because half of them hadn’t read it??? But that’s another story!) Oh season 2 how you disappoint me. Yay for Norma who always makes me smile!


  2. Thank you Norma for helping direct my thinking. Until reading this sermon I was overcome with anger and frustration, now I see that more naked Jamie is the answer to my prayers, and shark-fin soup will nourish me until ep.209


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