Church Bulletin # 56, The Art of Diversion


Over the past few weeks my Droughtlander 2.5 memes have taken a different course.  I’m not making snarky remarks and double entendres for everyone in the cast and crew of Outlander, nor am I  whining about the interminable, never-ending, vacation and filming schedule between Season Two and Three.  At about the 216th consecutive meme and seventh blog article since Season Two ended, a darkness settled over the land and Droughtlander 2.5 took on a whole new meaning!

For the few of you who may have missed them, here’s what has transpired (make sure to read them all….they tell a riveting story:pizap-com14869131906001


It was amazing the responses this vein of meming garnered from our followers -all the way from “Norma D is irreplaceable!” to  “WTF does this have to do with Outlander?” to “Norma D is an abomination!” to “Kill the old bird and stuff her!”    It was amazing in its variety.

The Interviews Began…..


Sam needed more help…..



  The interviews continued.

Some people thought I was doing the same thing I did last April Fool’s Day.

But that is not my plan.  Devious as it is, I have a plan and it has nothing to do with April Fools.  



I went off on this tangent for several reasons.  First I wanted to let the fandom know that nothing is spared from my snark including me……


Second, I knew they could never find a replacement for me. 


Thirdly (is that even a word?) uh third, I wanted to provide a diversion for the fandom regarding the horribly torturous announcement that Outlander would not return until September!   I’ll bet you have hardly thought of the delayed airing of Outlander, with your concern over the fate of moi (Norma D)!


So you see, my nefarious plan worked!  And it had nothing to do with April Fool’s!  We’ll have to name a new holiday for March 20. How about the Almost an April Fool’s Day?  


All this is done in the name of entertaining the fandom!  Now that the diversion is accomplished, where do I go from here?  I will begin illegally using Season 3 stills for my memes until Season 3 starts in September or I get arrested by the Starz/Outlander Police (SOPS).  You’ll see me on their new TV show:



With that I leave you my parting thoughts: