Church Bulletin #54 Two Years Later….

The Church of Heughanology is two years old.  I was thinking about what is different today than when I started.  As I look at my body of work (my body looks different too), I am surprised how much could carry over year after year after year.    I decided  to analyze my  topics so we can see how much is new and how much just keeps repeating like a nice plate of boiled cabbage.


My first few articles were centered around trying to define what the Church of Heughanology was all about (a lifestyle, not a religion).  Since this was my first ever blog, my first ever experience with social media, and my first involvement with a “fandom”, it was more for me than any of my non-existent readers.   I laid out the membership by-laws, the secret language, the levels of membership, and the historical significance of my work.


I was certain that this blog would be of no interest to anyone but me.  I soon discovered that CoH was just what the doctor ordered for the growing Sam Heughan/OL fandom. It has become a safe harbor where it was okay to do or say just about anything, because there were so many of us doing the same crazy things!  Of course, the Chief and Only High Priestess’ snarky sense of humor and mastery of the double entendre, didn’t hurt. If I must say so myself, it added a significant sense of incredulity to the site.  I have spared no one from my biting commentary- Sam, Cait, Ron D Moore, Terry,  Fergus, and on and on.    Suffice it to say, this little unknown picayune POS (Piece of s–t) blog has been viewed by over 60,000 people from 92 different countries!  Most of them looked like this:

pizap-com14779274875132Next I began a series of postings based on the news of the day :

  • Sam reaching 100K for his TW followers
  • Sam’s first Anglo-Fan Award (Who can forget the “stiff one”)
  • Expanding on Language of Heughanology definitions like “Starz Tease Expertise”
  • Dream Memes and stories (Gallery of Glamour 1 & 2)
  • The only time Sam Sang and Danced  (Because Himself is Happy with the Ladies of Outlander

It was all so interesting.  As I look back, perhaps my estimation was a bit self-inflating. 


Then 2015 arrived and more new things happened.   I did my first Pocket Jamie/Pocket Claire puppet show about the infamous WEDDING NIGHT!  Second Banana Theater was a big success and something new for my homies here at CoH!  Who can forget this?  

Remember Sams Fan Follow?  I was fortunate to be able to interview most of the people who were picked to have Sam follow them on TW for a week!  The interviews were lots of fun to do and gave the membership a chance to share in the Fan with the Golden Ticket’s good fortune! 


In addition, the infamous “spanking scene” was approaching so I addressed it in “50 Shades of Jamie” which was my all time, most read posting in the two years I have been blogging.  In my opinion, it was not my best effort, but the poster was phenomenal!



Then the battle began over the Shippers of Outlander Fandom.  I addressed this in an article called the Mean Tweets!  It never affected me, because however a fan wants to be involved in the fandom, doesn’t bother me.  I like fans just the way they are.  I just never could understand what was so bad about the Shippers that the Non-Shippers had to get so upset about and vice versa.   I just hate meanness or bullying in any form. So, I wrote my article, thinking I would be the next victim.  It never happened and I finally realized what I had to say wasn’t really important to anyone else!  I breathed a sigh of relief.  The fandom was restored to its proper place in my life.


It amazes me how many readers think I really know Sam.  It’s a strange kind of metaphysical “shipping”.   Norma D (a movie character who is not real) is the High Priestess if his Church (which is not real), and he must have to meet with her about it so he knows what she’s doing (which he doesn’t know or care about his Church), so she must know him (which I don’t).  I’m not out to shatter anyone’s dreams here, this is a farce!



Then, I went to South America and wrote five postings about my adventures.  Many people thought it was made up, but I want to assure you , everything I wrote about, I experienced (except for the stuff about Sam because I make all of that up!) It’s a theme throughout my life, the strange and ridiculous are attracted to me (although I haven’t run into Trump yet)***

***My blog/my opinion.  No need for commentary.  If you don’t like it, don’t read it!  It’s just a joke.



  The weirdest meme I ever did, so far.

 When I returned from South America, it occurred to me that Outlander was a lot like an old movie I loved, you know the one.   So, I tackled a scholarly dissertation comparing  Outlander to “The Wizard of Oz”.   University Professors from all over the world, wrote comments to tell me how far off the mark I was.  What do they know?  You know the saying about, “If you can’t do it, teach!”  All of my academia critics certainly fall into that category.  Was I wrong? Take into consideration we were in the midst of Droughtlander 1.5 and I was trying to entertain the troops, just like the Andrews Sisters!  Here is proof positive I am only slightly off my rocker.

Then I decided to address the agony of addiction…Outlander Addiction.  I created a 12 step program to maintain your OL addiction during the Loooooooooooong hiatus.  Nobody talks about how hard it is to maintain your addiction without fresh material, especially during the overly long Outlander break between Season 1 and 2.  Withdrawal is not something I could easily overcome, but my 12 steps kept the die-hard OL fans addicted (or at least distracted). 


After this, I started my campaign for an Emmy for our leader Sam Heughan (and the other folks associated with Outlander), but mostly Sam.  


We even came up with Outlander Not Your Usual Emmy for Everything as a two part blog posting!  As we all know, they got bupkiss (except for a nomination for the music of Bear McCreary!)   I was righteously angry and did a blog about the OL Snub! If you read it, it could apply to this year’s Emmy’s except OL got a nomination for Costume and Set Design.  The same nominees, the same TV shows, the same dumb Emmy Nominating Committee! I didn’t bother  addressing it again!  I likened this love of Outlander to loving a home town sports team and the Emmy Nominating Committee to the referees.  I know I’m not far off…….

This is how the ENC reasons.  Lets just vote for the shows we know then we don't have to work too hard.


The whole process of actually starting this blog has been a learning experience for an old lady who retired and had no direction to take once she did.  I never blogged, or even wrote anything for others to read.  I never knew anything about fandoms.  I didn’t know how to cut and paste, meme, or anything else that I have discovered to make my efforts more interesting.  I mentioned my Remedial Meming    achievements in an article about my new hobby!  Just shows to go ya that you can teach an old dog new tricks!  Here’s a couple I particularly liked for the artistry and wit.

Throughout this blog I have repeatedly mentioned my multiple personality disorder.  At one point I actually became some of the visitors that inhabit my psyche, including Norma D.    It explains a great deal about me, if anyone ever wondered WTF I was about.  

 And of course……t_306574297pizapw1452990801

The one year anniversary was fast approaching and I decided to try a whole new idea for my Blog!   I did a Star Wars crawl about the Highlanders saving Nutlandia.  It was, my first effort at cut and paste.  Not too bad, but not the best.  The story was witty, though. 

I also did a contest and the winner got a “Do It Yourself Norma D Kit” which included Long Black Gloves, a cigarette holder, a Leopard Turban and a Leopard wristlet.  It was a great Halloween costume next year.


And the Winner is…..

Recently, I seem to be writing less articles, because I’m seeing the same things happen over and over.  I did my first Outlander Recaps of Season 2 and that was grueling.  I wrote about My Peak Challenge, Waiting for Outlander, a shark-jumping  article related to the Leghair changes in the TV series, and then at my lowest point, an article on euphemisms for the male dangling participle.   Besides a second blog, the 56 articles for CoH, hundreds of memes, and many hours spent voting, what more can I do?  Could this be a subtle message from somewhere telling me to stop this insanity and walk directly to the blog writers graveyard?  Is it enough already?




 Then I hear from some people on FB or TW about how they love to get my  memes for their daily chuckle.  Some of them tell me its the only funny thing in their lives.   I’m not sure if its my ego or my innate search for meaning in my retirement, but those comments make me feel good, like I’m really helping.    I have received thousands of positive messages, likes, loves, and reactions to my work (which always amazes me)!  I thank you for your support.  I’ve had so much fun and laughed harder than anyone else at my own stuff!  So I’ll keep doing this until I have no readers or I die, whichever comes first…..


I guess the cabbage will have to keep repeating for a little while longer.   I know Sam will be relieved.