I. Roseanne Rosseannadanna, cannot believe what this world is coming to!  I received this letter from Mr. Richard Feder of Fort Lee, New Jersey.  He asks, “Hey, Roseanne Rosannadanna, what’s with these crazy Outlander fans?”


Mr. Feder, You sure do ask a lot of questions for a person from New Jersey.


As my Grandma, Nana Roseannadanna, said, “It’s always something.  If it ain’t one thing it’s another!”  Now as I understand it, these Outlander fans are angry with Starz for holding up the release of Season 2 until April.  It reminds me of when I ran into Princess Lee Radziwill in the toilet at Macy’s. You know her, the classy lady that no one knows what country she’s the Princess of.  Anyway, she came out of the stall and had a long piece of toilet paper stuck to the heel of her shoe. And the more she walked , the more the paper got wet and dirty.  It was makin’ me sick!  I said, “Hey. Lee, are you trying to make me sick? You got a wet, dirty paper stuck to your shoe!”


That damn woman didn’t know I was starting a new fashion trend!


Anyway, uh, where was I?  Oh, the Outlander fans, yea, I’ve seen them.  They love this series of “historial, sci-fi, romance books”  (hint hint….pick one) that Starz turned into a TV Series.  There was one fan outside of the Starz TV offices begging them to release Jamie, because he was seasick! 


She was crying and had tears dripping off of her chin and a small wad of snot coming out of her nose. I thought I was gonna die!


As my optimistic aunt, Pollyanna Roseannadanna, used to say, “He’s a fictional character.  He has no stomach! Get over it!”  Are you people nuts?


It appears most of the ruckus centers around the male star of the show.  I decided I had to see what all the fuss was about and a friend in the business (my Uncle Carlos Santana Roseannadanna) said he would introduce me to Jamie/Sam Heughan on the set. 

Well, ladies, I was not impressed!  He was almost naked, except for this bag tied around his dangling participle.  (They were filming ANOTHER sex scene). As he turned I saw his butt, but I was distracted by a huge mole on his cheek (face).  I thought that must be tough to shave with.  No wonder he has this scraggly beard.  He shaves around the mole, so he has to match up the other side!


See the ugly mole on his cheek? See how he shaves around it? It’s making me sick!

After I got over the shock of that, I noticed he had the biggest pecs I ever saw!  I asked him if they were both the same size.  (You know how it is, one always seems bigger than the other or hangs longer than the other.)  He said they were even.  I asked him if they were real or silicone.  (I gave them a squeeze, but they were very hard, so I figured silicone!)


He was very tall.  I got a crick in my neck looking up at him. He didn’t even offer to massage it.  Even so, I, Roseanne Rosannadanna, could see he had red curly hair! Yuck!


See the difference?  Too bad.    This guy could be good looking if not for that hair, the mole, and those pecs!  I, Roseanne Roseannadanna, know a good looker when I see one. 


I mentioned that I saw a church named after Sam on the internet – the Church of Heughanology.  He acted like he wasn’t aware.  I told him about my religious Cousin, Hosanna Roseannadanna, who was caught drinking the communion wine and making little cucumber sandwiches with the hosts.  So, I let him know she was looking for a job and if he had anything open at the church, to let me know.  He said, “I’ll check with Norma D.” 


See he knew the High Priestess.  I’m not bragging, but Roseanne Roseannadanna  can tell a brush off when I hear one! I’ve been brushed off by Queen Elizabeth, I’ll have you know.

Well, as usual. they’re trying to cut my part of the program short.  I, Roseanne Roseannadanna, who was mentored by Walter Kronkite, know when I’ve overstayed my welcome.  My Aunt, the famous appliance heiress, Amana Roseannadanna, says, “When you open the refrigerator and can’t find anything, it’s time to go”.  

You know, it’s strange.  I found that when I talked to Walter, I kept looking at his mustache.  It started to wiggle and I thought it was a caterpillar.


See, it wiggled.  I almost died! I don’t know how he lasted so long in the news business! Who could take him seriously?  

Anyway, I hope these Outlander fans get some help.  That Sam/ Jamie is nothing to get all hot and bothered over,  I’m not bragging, but I, Roseanna Roseannadanna, know a hot guy when I see one. (is she trying to convince us?) Take my Cuban Cabana boy cousin, Havana Roseannadanna, now that’s a looker and he comes with cocktails!


No comparison between Havana and Sam/Jamie.  Someone just asked if I needed glasses and a new brain!

Besides, April’s not that far away!  I’m not bragging, but I, Roseanne Rosannadanna, waited 20 years for a Star Wars sequel. Waiting for Outlander for a less than one year is nothing!

It’s always something.




    1. Dear Monique, If you read some other articles you’ll find I have multiple personalities! Roseanne is one of them! I channeled her fir this! I loved her too. Fresh approaches to exploring the phenomena of Sam is my goal! Come back often! The “church” welcomes you! Fondly, Norma D


  1. You are certifiable, you know that, right? It’s what I adore about you. And me 😊 The names kept getting better and better but I truly laughed out loud when I read Hosanna was making crcumber sandwiches with the host. 😂😂😂

    Keep up the great work, although we are truly not worthy!


    1. I should have submitted the recipe to to Cooklander! Thanks for you eternal appreciation of my snark. Need to continue my work on WFO. It’s my pagan duty. Fondly Norma D


    1. I had the most fun channeling Gilda. She’s one of my multiples, of course. Anything I can think of to help the fans through Withoutlander. Well, I’m off to buy some wallpaper. I noticed how in Season 2 pictures the fashions match the wallpaper! Fondly, Norma D


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