Today is the Greatest day in in the history of The Church of Heughanology.  The very man who inspired a whole new lifestyle (not a religion) has reached 100k followers on Twitter!    If that is not an indication of all that is the Sam Hueghan experience, I don’t know.

As COHP. I have been swamped with requests for what Sam can do to thank the people (a rather open-ended remark, I might add) for their support. The problem is that he put the offer on the very same Twitter account with 100k followers.    I am so verklempt, I started smoking again.  I only have 5,000 tweets , so far, but the some of the requests can be categorized as follows (although there are some outliers

I don’t know where to put):


Fathering a Child:  Both Female and Male followers have requested this.  One man said he would even open a sperm bank in Sam’s honor.   People, people, even if he would, there are 100,000 of you!  There is only so much of that to go around!


Build an Outlander theme park:  There were several who thought this was a great idea, because they could not travel all the way to Scotland for the Outlander experience tours.  A suggested name for the park is Outlander Land (see below).   If theme parks were strategically placed, travel and expense for followers could be reduced.   Some of the suggested rides are “Climb the Sam Heughan Munro” ,  A Great White Shark Tagging Tank,   Wentworth Prison Survival Course , Horse Riding  in the Rain and Cold,  Dougal Corn Grinding Hut,  the Wedding Night Rehearsal Ride, and Claire’s Wee Herb Emporium featuring hallucinogenic, non-poisonous herbs to enhance your theme park experience.   Far Out!


@sniskybobfry via Twitter

Claire's Wee Herb Emporium - Ive Got Something that Will Make You Feel Groovy!

Claire’s Wee Herb Emporium – Ive Got Something that Will Make You Feel Groovy


Great White Shark Tagging

Great White Shark Tagging

Used Kilt Recycling: Since fans know Sam is into the environment, some followers wanted an eco-friendly gift from him, his used kilts.   It is unnecessary for them to be washed, and most prefer they not be.  Followers said they would make them into underwear, bed sheets, pillow covers, purses, hats, quilts, and other useful items.  One follower said she would cut them into 12” x 12” squares to use as a handkerchief.  They didn’t care if it was a Clan MacKenzie or Clan Fraser plaid.

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Swimming Lessons

After viewing some of the pictures from the stageplay, Amphibians, some followers requested swimming lessons from Sam both in and out of the water.  It could be thoughtful gift to keep a loved one safe while swimming.

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These are just a few of the suggestions from fans about what Sam can do to thank them for their support.   The requests are piling up.

Sam, if you ever make a statement like this again on Twitter with your 100k+ followers, I will throttle you! 

Fondly, Norma D