Welcome to the Church of Heughanology

Welcome to a brand new site designed to celebrate all that is Sam Heughan and all who admire him.   I was introduced to Twitter by my daughter recently and became involved with some devotees of Sam Heughan and Outlander.   After 4 weeks I have about 150 followers.  I think people like that I am pretty quick with funny responses and am slightly risqué.    So I am launching my virgin blog.  (Warning:  This is an adult site.  Children should not enter this site.  Childish adults are welcome, however).  I have used many of the wonderful works of those whom I have met on Twitter and have attempted to make sure they are identified, if possible.  I hope this serves as a fun time for all.  My plan is to add articles, links to other fun blogs (as soon as I know how) so that our knowledge, language and level of involvement increases.   Please let me know what I can do to improve the church member experience.  This site is not affiliated with any religious organization, we are a Lifestyle choice.    Your Chief High Priestess , Norma D.


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